The Beautiful Italy, La Bella Roma

How I Perceived Rome

When in Rome, do as Romans do. That’s a popular saying, however; I wonder if there is anybody that once in Rome, would even need to hear this advice? Rome and Romans made me feel at home as soon as I step out of the airport. It just came naturally to do as they do.

Is pure concidence that the same letter to write Roma are the same letter to wirte Amor (love)
Ti Amo, wrote in the pavement for all to see facing the sky so that even God can witness this love confession. Is pure coincidence that the same letter to write Roma are the same letter to write Amor (love) But Rome, breathe, eat, see, hear, feel and manifest love in all its splendor.

For instance; it could be as simple as enjoying a cappuccino during the pomeriggio (afternoon), seating at the Piazza while watching kids playing and lovers passing by. By the way; Italians are not shy when it comes to PDA (public display of affection). Enjoying their delicious dishes and /or a glass of wine during their siesta time or just by immersing on the immense beauty of their old monuments. This is all part of the quotidian life in Italy. Don’t get me wrong, Italians work hard too, but even so, on the days of La Giornata (working days), they find the time to relax too. It is just so easy to enjoy this beautiful city and do as the Romans do.

When making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, in order for your wish to come true, you first have to wish to come back to Rome.

“Everyone soon or later come around by Rome” by Robert Browning (English Poet 1812-1889)

Talking about my trip to Italy, because my memories there, always make me smile. Those moments are so vivid in my memory that I can still feel the taste of their internationally famous, delicious, creamy gelato, the smell of the old rocks coming from the Coliseum, in contrast with the delicious smell of the delicious incomparable pizzas coming from pizzerias nearby the piazza. Aromas that were brought to me by the refreshing breeze of that lovely winter; moreover; I will especially treasure in my memory, the Italians warm smile and friendly conversations.

Not in vain Rome is called “The Eternal City”. With 52 ancient monuments that spanned as far as 2,000 years. I heard from a local citizen that they still discovering monuments that are underground, which I find fascinating. On the contrary, a friend at home told me: “I would never visit a city where everything is so old.” If people think that way when visiting Rome, they won’t be able to appreciate the historical value of the imposing and gorgeous monuments that actually give Rome its unique transcendent beauty. We don’ build things like that anymore. The intrinsic designs, detailed, and perfect sculptures. It’s all part of the magnetism, romanticism, and attractiveness of the city. Could, getting lost in a foreign antique country be scary? This could be in fact a terrifying situation from some people. No for me, not in La Bella Italia, no in The Eternal Rome.

During my trip, one of the funniest moments was actually when we got lost. While most people might think that getting lost could be scary, could, in fact, turn into something fun and make for good tales. Actually, I highly recommend it. It opens horizons and options you weren’t counting on. It will bust your sense of adventure, entice your curiosity, and take you to places that might be hidden gems of the locals. as your adventure unfold you might even discover an aspect of your personality you were not aware of. For instance: A shy lost person (my daughter) in need of information or direction might get the courage to talk to strangers (my daughter) and who knows even make some friends too (my daughter:-). All it’s needed is a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. It helps to keep in mind that Rome is called not only called the eternal but also La Bella Roma for many reasons. If you ever go, to maximize your experience, focus on the breathtaking views of the Piazza del Popolo that can be seen from the famous park Villa Borghese. In addition, another good spot is the Giardino deggli Aranci (Orange Garden) from where you can see practically the whole city. At these spots, you not only can enjoy the view but can also enjoy a very relaxing ambiance. You could also focus on the little cute cafes and pizzeria with their clichè but ever cute red and white tablecloths, adorable little streets with their romantic balconies with the colorful flowers hanging from it.

There is a lot of romantic little streets, cafes, and restaurants like this one in Rome.

The monuments and little streets evoke a whole new enhance beauty as the sun sets and the nightlights are turned on. All of these beautiful scenarios indulges your senses when you hear the music from a street performance by someone playing the guitar, the mandolin or accordion creating such a nice atmosphere. Furthermore, there is another famous saying about Rome, which is: “Everyone soon or later come around by Rome” by Robert Browning (English Poet 1812-1889.) At the gorgeous Tervi Fountain, all its visitor wish to come back to Rome. The reason why is, because there is a condition for the stunning world famous fountain to make its visitor wish come true. the condition is that in order to get your wish after tossing a coin into the fountain you must first wish to come back to Rome. If we believe in this old cultural folklore; wouldn’t this be one of the main cause of why Rome visitors always return to Rome? Whatever the case may be an as for me; I didn’t want to take any chances, therefore, of course; I tossed some coins and all I can say is this ” I can’t wait to get the chance to come around La Bella Roma, again.

Authentic Italian Pasta

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